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Investment opportunities for corporations, high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors

  • Earn a fixed return of up to 8% per annum by helping to regenerate residential homes in the UK
  • Investments secured by real assets, bringing empty properties back into use and reintroduced to the rented sector
  • Properties converted, refurbished and let to help cater for the demand for social housing
  • Conversion projects secured through the creation of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)
  • A proven concept supporting the regeneration of communities across the UK

3 year plan with 5% fixed rate of interest and 5% uplift at end of term (overall 6.7%)

5 year plan with 6% fixed rate of interest and 10% uplift at end of term (overall 8%)

Interest begins to accrue immediately from the moment your funds are received. There are no investor fees. The fixed rate of the corporate bond is the rate you will receive.


Business Corporate Bonds – A Unique Investment Proposition

Refurbishment of empty properties to address the shortage of homes has been identified by all the political parties; it is cheap and quick; it circumvents the divisive issue of new development, and it is seen as a ‘no brainer’ by Local Authorities and Central Government. The solution is simply the conversion of empty properties back into habitable space and their rental in the open market.

We can see that there is demand for rental properties. We have a legal definition of what an Empty Home is and we can identify them using publically accessible information. Moreover, Local Authorities have a ‘legal obligation’ to bring these properties back into circulation.

How Do I Apply?

For eligible organisations and individuals, our application process is simple.

To find out more, download the Brick Red Finance Corporate Bond Application Form and Terms & Conditions.

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